Hello Fellow Travelers!

Your Friendly neighborhood internal medicine doc here to introduce the newest section of our ever expanding little universe, The Travel Medicine Podcast Blog!

On this page you will find information about travel locales we mention on the show, recollections from previous trips, photos that dont make it to the photos page, and humorous, maudlin, and generally entertaining stories. 

As the podcast covers most of the medical topics, the focus of the blog will be more on the travel and adventure side, and I will try and organize it so those of you planning an itinerary to any of the locations we mention can easily find planning details to help you have the same adventures we do.

Looking for crazy things to do somewhere you are going that we haven't mentioned? Leave a comment, or message, or tweet and I will look it up. The only thing i enjoy more than traveling is medicine

Thanks, and Happy Travels!

-Dr J