Our Story

An ever-growing group of traveling friends and physicians, we love to teach and entertain, and decided to share our various international adventures and misfortunes with you.

Dr. J Dworetzky:  Your friendly neighborhood Hospitalist and Internal Medicine Physician, Doctor J attended UCLA for Undergrad, received his masters in applied physiology and medical degree from Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science in Chicago and completed an internal medicine residency in Los Angeles, California with Kaiser Permanente. He formerly performed stand up comedy in multiple cities, has authored a children's book, Home is Where the Heart is, and enjoys learning obscure trivia about medical etymology, then teaching it to medical students and residents. Currently he resides in Chicago, where he solemnly swears he is up to no good.

Dr. Santhosh Nadipuram: A cross between a mad scientist and a teddy bear, Santhosh is the resident academic, with extensive experience in research where he is probably studying the zombie apocalypse virus right now (In truth, he studies the microbiology of the protozoan parasite Toxoplasma gondii). A fellow alumni of Rosalind Franklin Medical University, Santhosh completed his residency in Pediatrics at the wonderful Miami Children's Hospital, then completed a fellowship in Pediatric Infectious Diseases at UCLA. Father, Scholar, and lover of puns, you will find his laughter contagious, his charm infectious, and despite that, he will never be in isolation.


Other frequent members of the flight crew include:

Dr. Ward Han: The Macgyver of the emergency room, Dr. Ward is the cowboy with the kung-fu grip. A fellow alumnus of Rosalind Franklin University, and current resident of San Diego, Dr. Ward's quick hands and quicker thinking have come in handy on many a trip, along with his ever-present roll of duct tape. In his free time, he performs improv comedy and runs marathons.

Dr Praz Patil: Everyone's favorite anesthetist, Dr Praz is the surgical sandman, soothing his patients and our listeners with his dulcet tones and then carefully managing their vitals during our whole operation. Like the rest of the crew, He is an alumnus of Rosalind Franklin University, and currently resides on the east coast.

Dr. Susana Samaniego: Surgeon by day, Carmen Sandiego impersonator by night, Dr Susana brings her cutting wit and vast travel experience as a locums/traveling physician, flying to wherever her skills are most needed, from rural villages deep in South America to Navajo Reservations in the midwest and many more. The only thing sharper than her knife is her wit, and as a fellow alumna of Rosalind Franklin, she is always happy to lend her cutting edge knowledge to the crew of TMP.

Dr Josh Mukherji: The first man to call in a crisis, Dr Josh is an emergency physician with a wide array of skills at his disposal, a veritable swiss army knife of medical expertise. Like the rest of our crew, Dr Josh is an alumnus of Rosalind Franklin University. When not solving multiple problems in the emergency rooms of Southern California, he serves as a stunt double for Dr Ward, proving the old adage that two heads are better than one.