Hello and welcome to the terminal for the travel medicine podcast! From here you can depart for any of our many destinations. Every episode your captains will regale you with stories of travel misadventures from ourselves and our guests, and provide you with facts on related medical topics along the way. Our goal is to entertain, to educate, and help you better prepare for any medical situation you may come across while traveling.

The Travel Medicine Podcast is run by Doctor J. Dworetzky, an internal medicine physician/hospitalist, Dr. Ward Han, an emergency medicine physician, and Dr Santhosh Nadipuram, an infectious disease specialist. They receive no financial compensation for doing this, and caution that the things you learn listening are no substitute for visiting your physician. All Logos and artwork graciously designed and provided for us by Brian Rayhttp://brianpaulray.daportfolio.com/

So join us as we put up the seat-backs of your imagination, lift the tray tables of knowledge, and take flight to a world of medical misadventures. Happy Travels!