Episode 212: Around the World in 80 Plagues- Leprosy

In This Episode, Dr's J, Santhosh, and Ward discuss Leprosy. Along the way they cover a visit to a leper colony, ballpoint pens, the best medicine, the old testament, moral afflictions,  Hawaiian folklore, transmission, armadillo danger, booger boards, body part loss and camp songs, flavors of leprosy, random beer injuries, the chaulmoogra tree, the miracle of Carville, leprosy treatment and cost, and why leper colonies aren't so bad. So Sit back and learn how to keep your head about you with this leprosy episode!

Leonine Faces Image http://www.ijpmonline.org/articles/2012/55/4/images/IndianJPatholMicrobiol_2012_55_4_566_107824_f1.jpg

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