Get Fact Up 1: I wish I were an Oscar Metro Goldwyn Mayer Winner

Hello fellow travelers! You lucky devils get a bonus episode this week, as Dr J doffs his white coat and with the assistance of some trivia loving friends, prepares to launch a new bimonthly podcast based around anything and everything trivial. Please enjoy and leave feedback, this is but a taste of what is to come!

In this Oscar themed coming attractions episode of Get Fact Up, Josh and Jess direct your attention to the action and glamour of Hollywood's most famous award ceremony. Along the way, prepare to learn about Oscar Famous Firsts, Odd ceremony events, EGOTs, unique hosts, the founding of the academy, and how a dog almost won an oscar. So lift your cups, fill your brains, and prepare to find out that the winner is....You!

This weeks libation is the French 75!

More episodes and a proper show page coming soon, in the meantime, all feedback to @doctorjcomedy on twitter!