TMP Classics: Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms

In this episode, Dr's J, Santhosh and Ward talk about the big three causes of health problems during vacations, the good old ATF. Along the way, they discuss the percentage effects of  on your body, drink tolerance by weight, drunk bacteria,  snake wine standardization processes, a unique way to dispose of your mousetraps, russian scorpion vodka, the dangers of methanol and antifreeze, medical beer prescriptions, hangovers and how to treat them, liquid nicotine, e-cigs and skynet, trauma surgery in the old west, gunshot wounds in the er, terrible water balloon fillings, paintball injuries and Beijing's Snack Street in this week's Just The Tip! So Sit back, as we help you get drunk on knowledge about alcohol, smoke the competition, and fire off all the facts you need to know!

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