Layover 13: Journal Club-CPR Tindr, Honey Elixir, and Female Viagra

In This Layover, Dr's J, Santhosh, and Ward, accompanied by Master of Disaster Ernesto conduct their bimonthly review of all the latest medical news. Along the way they discuss peanut butter jelly time, the return of taylor swift jokes, dinosaur blood and jurassic world, The ResQCPR system, the cpr "o" face and happy endings, the swedish cpr bat signal app, tindr for first responders, antibiotic mead, our newest hipster antibiotic cocktail, an update on the first penis transplant recipient, pun wars, female viagra, a request from the WHO to stop drinking urine,  cow chapatis, animal vaccination and more! So Sit back, and find out what's new in the world of medicine!

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