Episode 208: Oh No-Varies! The in's and outs of Fertility Medicine

Happy New Year, Travelers! In this episode, Dr's J, Santhosh, and special guest Stephanie Levich cover Fertility Medicine. Along the way, they discuss Egyptian fertility temples, ancient obstetrical papyrus records, semen mythology, glorious golden dongs and wandering uteri,  fertility consulting, in vitro and in vivo fertilization, fresh and frozen eggs, selecting a surrogate, birthing your own grandchild, surrogacy state laws, pregnancy fees, exploiting wombs, who becomes surrogates and why, posthumous reproduction, demolition man, the beginning of obstetrics, causes of infertility, injectable urine, fertility gateway drugs and more! So sit back and prepare to be inseminated with knowledge!

Special Thanks to Stephanie Levich of www.familymatchconsulting.com

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