Episode 14: Let us ENT-ertain you!

In this episode, Dr's J and Santhosh talk about head and neck medicine, with the assistance of Professional Opera singer and voice coach, Jessica Tivens. With her assistance, they cover the physiological and anatomical basis of singing, and techniques to avoid injury. Along the way, they discuss how to send your voicebox to the gym, chest anatomy, your inner gorilla, proper breathing technique for karaoke, shattering glass with your voice, Dr J's love of pop music, vocal nodules and hemorrhages, singing as a professional sport, the secret identity of the three tenors, tone deafness, the 6 valvular functions, cocaine babies, and world musical styles including yodeling throwdowns, tibetan throat singing and more. So Sit back and learn about singing as this week we are all about that voice, no trouble!

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