TMP Classics: Luke, I am your doctor: The Medicine of Star Wars

In honor of Solo, A star wars story, this weekend we will be rereleasing our star wars medicine episodes while we work on the remainder of the season...Enjoy!

In this episode, Dr's J, Santhosh, and special guest Crystal cover medicine in a galaxy far far away!  Along the way, they discuss bothans, medical droids, Da vinci surgeons,  ROB/gynes, the luke hand, terminators,  thought controlled prosthetics, synthetic skin, skin elasticity and the clone wars,  force choking, medical exosuit, dick cheney, the lion king, dragonball Z and hyperbaric chambers, how vader poops, portable respirators, and more! So Sit back and prepare to learn how light side or dark, star wars achieves universal healthcare!

Special Thanks to Crystal of the Rebel Alliance 

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