Layover 10 Emergency At Corpates Base 2 (Repeat)

(Editors Note: Hey Travelers, Dr J is a little behind in editing this week, so in response to your feedback, we are re-releasing episode 2, minus the music track that made it difficult to hear the dialogue. We will return next week with brand new episodes, so sit back and enjoy this acoustic version)

In this episode, Dr's J, Santhosh and Ward once again team up with the Space Medicine Associates and the Canadian Space Society to present a multi part choose your own adventure style radio drama. Based on information from Season 1's space medicine episodes, and modeled on training simulations used by NASA, part 2 follows the developing crisis as our interplanetary explorers are confronted with multiple emergencies and tensions start to show.

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Disclaimer Stuff:
Music and sound effects in this episode obtained under creative commons license, and not created for, or property of the Travel Medicine Podcast. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Special Thanks to Eleanor O Rangers and Linda Plush of Space Medicine Associates, Gary McQueen of the Canadian Space Society, Lynn Messina, Tom Hill and Fred Yoo for their assistance.