Layover 12: Journal Club-sunburn dolls, glowing urine, and home brewed morphine

In this layover, Dr's J and Ward, accompanied by special guest motivational speaker Shia Lebouf, perform another weekly roundup of news in the medical sphere. Along the way, they discuss Brazilian sunburn dolls, Shia labeoufs motivational speech, teabagging, doll pubic hairstyles, summer camp questions, glow in the dark cancer detecting urine,  elderly stunt people, home brewed morphine and the next breaking bad, flavor chemists and the weirdest condom flavors in the world, using ecstasy to treat anxiety disorders, cocaine nipples, an immune system in the brain, the highways in your body, some things to keep in your travel pack, and the origin of the snake on a staff symbol for medicine. So Sit back, and find out what's happening in medical news!

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