TMP Classics- Comic Book Medicine 3: Homecoming

In this episode, Dr J and his super-friends return to once again cover medicine in comic books, just in time for the San Diego Comic Convention. Along the way, they discuss a CPR song from the dark side, the curious case of Benjamin Button, Progeria, Terminal Leukodystrophy and reverse mental aging, parallels between Dirk Gently's Pararibulitis and fibromyalgia, pain gating syndromes, soul sucking energy vampires, SPLIT and dissociative identity disorder, somatization, Professor X's poor parenting skills, evil twins, mutant regeneration, why wolverine is so hairy, scientist naming conventions, marvel versus dc, catwoman and toxoplasma, medical resurrection, a head transplant update and more! So Sit back and prepare to enjoy our super medical San Diego ComicCon Homecoming!

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